They Became What They Beheld

This video is a year old. I had sent in my letter of resignation about four months before it came out, and when I watched it, I remember being so stunned I watched it three times in a row. It’s specifically about how to keep youtube from going the way of television, but it’s also about finding your voice and understanding what it is you want to say.

I remember the first time I discovered erotica. I’d slash my own characters in the books when I was in junior high. That I could actually write smut for a living is my actual dream job. I want to mix urban fantasy, erotica and abuse survivor narrations in the same story. I still want my stuff to be escapist, but I want to acknowledge that not everyone have had healthy, safe relationships modeled for them.

There may not be a strong market for what I’m trying to do, but that is what I want to do.