Ten things you probably don’t know about me as an author

Ten things you probably don’t know about me as an author

My wife was the first person who taught me what unconditional love looks and I need the magic of paranormal romance to recreate how I feel. Love is the day-to-day living in complete joy as the world falls down around me.I think my #1 thing that people might not know is that I absolutely love romance. When my one-true-pairing fall in love, they would go through hell without looking back to fetch their lover from whatever stupidity the poor guy got himself caught up in.

The importance of Frost Giants as Plot Devices

The importance of Frost Giants as Plot Devices

I used to suffer from talking-head syndrome. I loved them so much that I didn’t seem to notice when they spent page after page, just talking without anything happening plot-wise because I was enamored with the characters. Then I got a job in a kitchen while I was going through school and learned the “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean” cliche.


The same thing happens with writing. If characters have time to sit around and talk without any issues at all, anyone who is not the author can get bored. While writing the book, if I found my boys just talking, I threw frost giants at them. I think it worked perfectly. When I’m bored with what is happening on the page, I remind myself of what Donald Maass said in one of the two brilliant workshops I’d attended with him. I ask myself what is the worst possible thing that could happen in that exact moment and then let that happen.


Writing has never gotten boring since. It meant a lot of throwing out a lot of my pre-planning as the character who is vital for the plot suddenly ends up dead instead of helping the characters get to the next part of the story, but I don’t mind the cost. Great writing is a lot of things, but obvious shouldn’t be one of them.


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I get asked about writing apps a lot. This one is one of the best I’ve used

I get asked about writing apps a lot. This one is one of the best I’ve used

This is the ap from the makers of Hipjot that is just the keyboard in a plain note-taking screen. It gives you six different slots to different actions with the words once you enter them. It’s completely programmable, but the letters to set it up is tiny, but it clearly tells you all you need to know in order to set it up to mail your text to yourself. Apple is weird about changing the default keyboard to something that isn’t from Apple, and this program is a great workaround. The thing I love the best about it is that as a writer, my quotation marks need to be easily accessible. Nintype just needs to hold down the . key to get all the punctuation you need to write fiction with.

Its recognition is brilliant. It is way more accurate than Swype and I’ve fudged words by spelling them phonetically and I’ve found the program very forgiving. It even capitalizes “i” when used as a word. That may not seem like much, but it is a pain in the butt to always hit your shift key before you recognize it. It’s really good with capitalizing proper names, too. For possessives, I find it easiest to draw a line between D-E-V-O-N and then just add ‘ S at the end without having to redo the entire word like Swype did. Swiftkey made me want to throw my tablet across the room because I couldn’t understand how the punctuation worked. I’m not a stupid person and I scoured the web for tutorials, but all the videos I saw were for a different version and “You just push the symbols key” didn’t ever work the way the videos said it f I’m sure there is an easy way to sync it to dropbox, but it’s something I need to set up for myself and for now, emailing it is almost as as easy. I sent an email last night after I’d written out The Scene of book 3 and having to lift my finger to push the key felt archaic. I’d say this keyboard is a better than swype. I liked swiftkeys, but the punctuation made it too difficult to use for any creative writing. This is the ap.

It has a simple word counter in the upper corner and copies your text into the clipboard if you accidentally close out of the program. This is the slide to type program I’ve been waiting to use ever since I gave up on my android device and got an iOS product. Swype was the main reason why I stuck to Android for so long, but I found my cursor frequently leaping about the page and adding the new text wherever the cursor was. This hasn’t happened yet.

I wrote for an hour in bed last night and got 2500 words done on my tablet. That’s almost as much as I could do typing it out when I’m not straight up transcribing. The clicky noises gets into a rhythm that feels almost typewrite like, and if the program guesses wrong, it’s so easy to fix. It does the odd typo, but it had gotten the right word out of the button mashing I’d done more often than it misreading what I put. This app is pretty close to flawless as I’ve seen. Setting up the actions was easy and well explained. If I could read the instructions and get it to do it, anyone can. I’d give it six stars out of five if I could.