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And as the final insult

While I was trying to get UBC to understand the U stands for more than U-give-us-money-for-nothing-and-paycheques-for-free, the Provost in question was hosting a symposium on Academic Freedom.

I can still taste the vomit in the back of my throat.

Be ME.

Be trying to get your academic institution to believe that they were being shitstains as professionally as you know how to phrase things because your respondent changed the nature of your complaint so it can be completely ignored.

Be ME, not understanding how this could possibly be, only to find out that your academic freedom was removed to *ensure* that the official version of your multiple complaints will officially be penned by the respondent himself, Andrew J. Szeri.

Be ME. Understand that controlling which complaint gets heard is akin to committing fraud against the public tax dollars provided and tuition collected from all three of its financial streams. The money is given on the sole condition that no one — not even an officer in a really big office — is allowed to be a shitstain and get away with it.

And then, just be ME, when you realize senior academic officers have allowed harm to be done to learners for over a year. The people investigating them must follow policy because they are ethically obligated to. Meanwhile, those senior officers paid their lawyers to ignore their professional conduct code to find ways to violate student protections “legally.”

Be ME. Realize lawyers gave that advice, not knowing any officer below the president can violate as many policies as they want, “legally” but public institutions are mandated to stop them.

Be ME. Realize no one in lower mainland BC understands compliance with a lawyer’s professional code of conduct prevents bad “legal” advice from being advised.

Be ME. Know lawyers gave that “advice” to a president who allegedly used it to violate the University Act. The law society will never consider it disciplinary action.

Just try to be ME for a day. You wouldn’t last. The amount of crap I’ve put up with and dug through to protect a school from its Officers would far exceed most people’s quota.

Be ME. Know this broken system only cares about the Academic Freedom violations. Learners have no protections against the massive harm being done to them because universities can teach anything they want.

Unless the program also violates academic freedom.


I dare you.

the most obvious document-handling error *ever* seen

I couldn’t imagine anything this sloppy being passed off at Blood Services. If I couldn’t have spotted this error from 10 paces, I would have to turn in my training documentation.

So, this has been my year. I spent it trying to convince officers who couldn’t see the error if it was aggressively mashed into their faces. There absolutely could not be a historical document error that allowed them to believe — mistakenly — UBC intended to leave a student’s academic freedom unprotected.

If they’d just violated my academic freedom, I was aware my academic freedom was being violated IN MY FIRST WEEK OF CLASS. I didn’t try to complain about it until I got thrown out of class for daring to freely comment. But OFFICERS violated my academic freedom to hide the complaint that their program was