Tempest series

Coral has a cover!

Coral coverAnd it is pretty! The sun and the sparkles fit the mood of the book perfectly, and the look on Finn’s face is just right.

The necklace was around Finn’s neck in the original, and if that had been the case, the trilogy would have been over before it started. Loose Id is really good to work with on cover art, and has always been excellent with tweaks. Release day is next week!

I’m trying a blogging experiment. Starting on the day the book comes out and the four weeks afterwards, I’m going to have a selkie-related post of the day. I’ve found some cool stuff in terms of folklore, music, books, and miscellaneous things. Stay tuned!

Coral Were His Bones – release date and first chapter!

Coral Were His Bones has a release date, May 13th, 2014! Coral is coming out from Loose Id, and is a m/m paranormal erotica novel (and if you expected a different genre, I don’t think you’ve read anything by my alter ego, Angela Fiddler…) about Finn, a selkie who’s in love with his childhood sweetheart Devon, but bound in a magical contract to a cruel master. It’s a story of modern magic, snark, sex, and how to heal when everything hurts.

The official blurb and an excerpt from the opening chapter are up on my website now! I’ve done some website updating to reflect that this book’s coming out under my actual name, Barbara Geiger, instead of my Angela Fiddler pen name, so let me know if you find any broken links. Now I’m just waiting to see what the cover’s going to look like!

Recipe #1 that Devon would cook for Finn

Finn’s a selkie who, in book one of Coral Were His Bones is recuperating on Devon’s boat. Devon, who was a 5 star charter boat captain, loves to fuss over Finn. So, I’m going to be doing a lot of recipes that Devon would have cooked for Finn.

Steak with coconut rice and mango daikon kimchi

Cook a steak to blue rare (olive oil and salt, 3 minutes on a cast iron pan one side, 2 minutes on the other, left to rest)

mango Kimchi daikon (underripe mango cubed, daikon kimchi) green onion, dizzled with sesame oil, soy and lemon juice

Coconut rice (coconut flakes, rice, coconut milk, lime leaves, hot sauce)

Top rice with steak and mango daikon kimchi

Serve with love

Condom usage in my stories

I write sex, and mostly that sex is gay erotica. In my latest book, I’m writing about a selkie, a mythical creature that makes a five-hundred year commitment to the one they bond with. In this one instance, a condom interferes with the bonding experience.

I do not like to read stories that glorify bareback sex as the best kind of sex out there. Sex that won’t kill you or bring an unwanted baby into this world is just as great in the long run. The characters have taken the best precautions they could before ditching the condoms, but I still feel like I’m on the bare-back glorification brigade.

We are not selkies. Our bodies don’t have mythical healing properties. I am big on the condoms each time, every time, until all other factors have been mitigated.