new stuff

Apparently I suck at estimating word lengths

My first professional sale was a 1500 word short story to an anthology about evil elves. It had a beginning, middle, end, rising action, climax, denouement and baby bunny rabbits along with a forest elf who systematically hunts down, kills, eats and uses the skin of the people he hurt to make the clothes he was going to need if he wasn’t going to fit into his forest any more. 

I was going to write a simple ghost story, marrying Halloween to Obon with a touch of phantom hitchhiker. We found the anthology call on the 27th and I finished the story today. 26k. I created Ren to do one thing, be dead. 1500 words into it, tears were streaming down my face.

I hope other people like it. Red Lettering is going to be cleaned up tonight and sent off tomorrow. Wish me luck!

New stuff, finally

I wrote a lot last year. Like, I’m prolific when I know what’s going to happen next, but I wrote a 1990’s the main character has a brain tumor level of words last year. Not just hyperbolically. Seriously. I wrote so much that it’s July and in all of 2014, all I’ve ever done was rewrite what I’ve written last year. I’ve had three books out this year that I all love enormously (The Care and Feeding of Sex DemonsCoral Were His Bones and, of course my darling Changeling)  but the one thing I haven’t done this year was actually write something new.

Two days ago, Elisabeth said, “Oh! Here’s an anthology you’ll love, but it closes on the 31st. They want 10-40k.” We started to brainstorm and I’m 14k into it and about half way done. If it doesn’t get accepted, it’s going to still be an amazing story, and those are the best kind of anthology calls.