Another review for Lineage!

I missed this when it was first posted! I’m happy to see my Angela Fiddler vampires getting some love, too.

Here’s a review of Lineage from MM Good Book Reviews: “It was a treat to re-read this book…, which then had me running to dig up the rest of the series to read. […] So if you love vampires and the touch of something extra, some rough sex and a bit of D/s, a storyline that has some twists and a long reaching arm and vampires who are unforgiving and loyal then I recommend you give this series a try.”

Angela Fiddler’s “Lineage (Master of the Lines: Book One)” Is A High Stakes Paranormal Romance

Angela Fiddler’s “Lineage (Master of the Lines: Book One)” Is A High Stakes Paranormal Romance.

I just finished reading a “But…I had to pay *attention* to the *plot*” review of The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons, and then my partner sends me this one.

Every once and a while you get a reader who understands exactly what you’re trying to do. And this was that person.


Why Book One starts with Lineage

I decided to start the Master of the Lines book with the first Vision and Hanz book and not with the original Janus backstory that the series first launched itself with.

When we first meet Vision in Castoffs, he’s a blond thug that Janus has known for a while. I needed a name for him, because too many thugs had gone nameless before in the story. The moment I heard his name in my head, I fell in love.

Which isn’t what writers are supposed to do. While I think Castoff is a good story, it’s nothing on the level of Vision’s point of view. A good story is defined by what the character wants and what stands in his way from getting it, and Castoffs, though dark and smutty, has a main character who wants everything to stay the same.

I hope you go back and read the prologue too, but I want your introduction to the world be Vision and his need for change to be first.

Putting the Master of the Lines series back into print

When I read for pleasure, I read for characters. The Master of the Lines series was the first book I had ever tried to write characters that were larger than life. All of them emerged practically fully formed and stuffed full at every corner with snark, kneeling and chains. I had so much fun writing them.

There is a sixth book in the series. I’m hoping to be done it by May. Returning to this world was like slipping on your favourite spring-time coat because the weather has finally turned and finding twenty dollars in the pocket when you are just starting to think you want a coffee.

The new covers look amazing. (Thanks, Wicked Smart Designs!

Start with Lineage.