Care and Feeding of Sex Demons

No Sex Demons were Harmed during the Making of the Care and Feeding of them.

One of the best reviews I’ve had: “Literally written crack cocaine.” That’s exactly what I was going for. Heee!

(One of the other reviews of The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons said that the sex demon should have been made to have more sex. That was the opposite of my point. Just because a demon feeds on sex doesn’t mean that you should try to make incubi fois gras.)

When the reviewer says the reader doesn’t get a chance to catch her breath, I can see that. During the seminar Donald Maass had for Writing the Breakout Novel that if the reader wants a break they can put the book down, so the pace was a design feature to me, not a flaw. The Care and Feeding is to frost giants as “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is to cow bell. Coral and Changeling have a much more relaxed pace and are 99.9% frost giant free.

Prequel to The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons

Cy Gets a Sex Demon is a short prequel to the novel that came out today. I wasn’t going to release it because I was hoping to reboot the series, but then I noticed it at an astrologically inflated price on Amazon and thought there might be someone out there who would want to know what happens without having to drop a car payment down to see.

It will be available in a couple days.

The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons


Driving from Lethbridge to Calgary, the name of this book popped into my head (along with its sequel, Only Sex Demons Can Prevent Forest Fires.) The book itself took four more years to come along.

I wanted to write a story where the relationship has been established, and the hard work of maintaining the relationship is where the dramatic tension comes in. I also wanted to write a book where a sex demon’s consent is the point of the book. I hope everyone falls in love with August.