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Writing as Barbara Geiger

Tempest Trilogy

  • Coral Were His Bones
    • Sensual Reads: “Looking for something a bit different, pick up Coral Were His Bones by Barbara Geiger and find out how quickly you can fall in love with these two heroes.”
    • Coffee Time Romance “The love between these two men is beautiful and the strength of both characters is a wonder to behold.”
    • Hearts On Fire Reviews: “You know those puzzle maze toys? You have to get the little metal ball(s) inside the right route and into the hole? You have to to twist and turn until you can get it inside? Think of a really complicated one. Have it in your head? Great. Welcome to Coral Were His Bones.”
    • World of Diversity Fiction: “The relationship between Finn and Devon is what the story is about. The connection between these two is beautiful but strained with a heartfelt bond between them although circumstance has not been kind.”

Middlehill series

  • Changeling
    • Joyfully Reviewed: “Changeling reels you into its web and never lets go.  Intense characters set within the back drop of a bleak life manage to survive and then thrive in Changeling, the first story in the original Middle Hill series.  Unexplained mysteries and an incredible cast make this tale feel real.”
    • Sensual Reads: “…promises to be an intriguing series with danger, suspense and that perfect touch of romance. Looking for something a bit different? Middle Hill 1: Changeling by Barbara Geiger is just what you need. The plot is intriguing with more than a few surprises to keep you interest and the characters are realistic and loveable. What more could you want?”
    • MM Good Book Reviews: “This is a really good, really well written book. The descriptions throughout are vivid. There are also a number of little subplots and with these come a lot of little questions. “

Past & Present Tense

  • Red Lettering
    • MM Good Book Reviews: “Many stories that I’ve read with drag queens are all light-hearted romps, but Red Lettering is more heartfelt and serious. Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to shed a couple of tears!”
  • Black Shades
    • MM Good Book Reviews: “It was a great story over all. It had me wondering about life. To be hurt and afraid is just not the way to live. Normally I would say I had a blast with the story, but this one did something better. It made me wish.”

Writing as Angela Fiddler

Sex Demon 101

  • Care and Feeding of Sex Demons:
    • Joyfully Reviewed “Literally written crack cocaine.  An off the chart crazy plotline, zany characters, and non- stop action that never ends.  This is one wild ride.”
    • Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings “If you are searching for a crazy urban fantasy, with IKEA and McDonalds throw in the middle of it, humor and satire, well, then, this is your book. […] I’m not really a fan of fantasy, or urban fantasy, but I’m a fan of complex characters, and all three of them, Cy, Patrick and August are the best example of multilayered characters.”
    • Rainbow Book Reviews “If you like main characters who fight doom on a daily basis, if a secretive mission to save the world as well as their relationship sounds like fun, and if you’re looking for a read that is not realistic but contains great supernatural fun and hot man-on-fae and man-on-sex demon action, then you will probably like this novel. I think it’s a hoot!”
  • Cy Gets a Sex Demon: 
    • Fallen Angel Reviews “The plot is equally as complex as the main character, having many surprising and unexpected twists and turns.”
    • Rainbow Book Reviews “If you like larger-than-life main characters of the supernatural persuasion, if a somewhat quirky life-and-death quest for answers and missing people is your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is as suspenseful and sometimes brutal as it is funny and hot, then you will probably like this novel.”

Stand-Alone Books

  • Pulse:
    • Rainbow Reviews “A compelling story of men fighting to free themselves from a twisted maniac’s evil designs.”
    • Two Lips Reviews ” Pulse is a must read for anyone who loves a good paranormal with hot man-love thrown in!”

Master of the Lines series

  • Castoffs:
    • Literary Nymphs “Ms. Fiddler tells a great vampire story with some unique and unexpected qualities. Strong characters and an exciting world share in making this an exhilarating read.”
    • Two Lips Reviews “Castoffs is a rather intriguing vampire tale with unexpected revelations and a core of m/m intimacy wrapped in the underground urban vampire lifestyle and ceremonial magic.”
    • Fallen Angel Reviews “Love, betrayal, strong, sexy vampires, I give this book a high five!”
  • Lineage:
    • MM Good Book Reviews: “It was a treat to re-read this book…, which then had me running to dig up the rest of the series to read. […] So if you love vampires and the touch of something extra, some rough sex and a bit of D/s, a storyline that has some twists and a long reaching arm and vampires who are unforgiving and loyal then I recommend you give this series a try.”
    • The Novel Approach “I am a total sucker for a good vampire story. Throw in a little D/s, create a magical force that powers said vampires, add in some political backstabbing with a little retribution, and I might just be happier than a pig in… well, whatever pigs are happy in.”
    • Books On Silver Wings “The story keeps me on my toes with shows of Vision’s power in public, his submissive side in private with Hanz, and his past. Vision is a fascinating character and he keeps me turning the pages to figure out who he is. Overall, this story has a good set of intriguing characters in a fascinating world.”
    • Two Lips Reviews “Lineage is an intriguing story that will drawn you into the dark world of the vampire and open your eyes to more than just the typical dynamics present in the average vampire story.”
    • Literary Nymphs “The erotic interludes are provocative and daring while the overall plot of the story is undeniably gripping with a rough around the edges protagonist.”
    • Fallen Angel Reviews “As readers we have already come to love the characters from Castoffs, and in Lineage Angela Fiddler gives us an even deeper insight into what drives them.”
  • Restitution:
    • Two Lips Reviews “Jam packed with mystery, action, great characters and hot sex.”
    • “I so love this series. I have read each one in order and they just get better and better. I love the way Angela Fiddler has made a new type of vampire, one I have never read before. To me, a lover of vampire books, this was such a nice new read”
  • Prodigals:
  • Coda:
    • Joyfully Reviewed “The concept is great and the relationships are sincere.”
    • Literary Nymphs “A gripping tale, with twists and turns that grab your attention and holds you till the very end. This is not your run of the mill vampire romance story. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush with its moments of sensitivity, pick up Master of the Lines 5: Coda.”

Short Stories and Novellas

  • “Gift of the Raven” in Blood Claim: Rainbow Reviews “This is an intriguing story, with overtones of S&M that had me riveted from start to finish.”
  • “Bright Side of Midnight” in Space Escapes GLBT Bookshelf “Intriguing and enjoyable. Well-developed characters, a suspenseful plot, and even a bit of a love story combine to make this story well worth the read.”
  • “Bright Side of Midnight”: Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books “Seamlessly combines science fiction and passion with enough greed, corruption, deception, government cover-ups, murder, action to satisfy even the most diehard conspiracy junkie. If you’re looking for a book where nothing is what it seems to be, you’ll definitely like this one.”
  • “The Devil You Know”: Joyfully Reviewed “The world created in The Devil You Know was interesting and the concept of a ‘Beloved’ fascinating.”
  • “The Devil You Know”: Night Owl Reviews: “The steamy bedroom scenes are just an added bonus to the marvelously scripted fantasy setting. I was disappointed to see the end of the story, I wanted to learn more about the city, the gods, even more about how Bastian’s particular brand of magic worked.Bastian and Vashi were also extremely compelling characters – their loyalties and loves and how they interwove made this an undoubted success.”
  • “Forgotten Favor” in Studs and Spurs: “A beautifully written story of love lost and then found again. Anyone who has encountered a second chance with someone will be able to relate to the very sensitively written treatment of the affection that turns to love between the two main characters.”