Short Stories & Novellas

Checking Into Sodom

checking-into-sodom-smallOne year ago Trent’s life was on track. Then his horse went lame, his relationship soon followed, and his replacement horse, Dove, proved to be mean as a snake. Unable to sell a mean horse, and unwilling to send him to the knackers, Trent’s last chance is take Dove to a rehab center.

Richard has just moved to his grandfather’s ranch, after trying four other places and succeeding at none of them because he might be good at rehabilitating horses, but nobody wants him doing it unless he plays straight, and he’s damned tired of hiding he’s gay.

When Richard sees the pride sticker on Trent’s truck, it almost seems too good to be true—especially when Trent returns his interest. And in the aftermath of their encounter, it seems he was right…

Publication date: June 15, 2016
ISBN: 9781620048160
Currently out of print, re-release TBA

“Before the Snow Falls (The Dead Walk)”

Lovely Dark and Deep cover“Before the Snow Falls (The Dead Walk)” is a contemporary gay paranormal novella set in northern Alberta, with its roots in aboriginal Cree folklore, where the dead walk in the time in between when the ground freezes and the snow falls. It’s a story about wendigo legends, starvation cults, that letting go of what’s not working isn’t the same as holding onto what you believe in, and how sometimes families can be amorphous blobs.

Publication date: August 3, 2015
Originally published in Lovely, Dark & Deep
Currently out of print, re-release TBA