Middlehill series


changelingMatt sells sex because he has to take care of his little brother, Sam. While it sucks, it’s not that much different from the abuse he endured when he was a teenager. He’s exhausting himself trying to keep them together and Sam out of the jaws of the foster care system. When he “meets” Kevin, things start looking up a little. Kevin’s not the first john to give Matt the maybe this could work outside of work vibe, but Matt is surprisingly hopeful, for once.

On the other hand, it’s really not a good time for Matt to be meeting someone. He has a new “job” exchanging his services for Sam’s tuition at a fancy boarding school. People who treat him badly either end up murdered or disappear.  And when it comes down to it, Kevin’s just a little too perfect. He’s rich, generous, and an all-round-blowjob-genie-in-a-bottle. Something’s got to be wrong with the guy.

As it turns out, Kevin’s a prince of the Fae. And Matt might be Kevin’s king. From there, the questions start piling up. Why is a rich man taking a bus on a snowy December night? Why does Kevin disappear at the same bus stop where a man who had been bothering Matt is found murdered? And most importantly, why does Kevin keep acting like it’s Matt who will leave, when it’s Matt who’s the broken one?

Content notes: This work contains scenes of transactional sex, coerced sex, discussion of past child sexual abuse, attempted assault and assault, sex within a relationship negotiated with consent, and a happy/hopeful ending.

Smashwords edition published Dec 3, 2021. Original publication date July 15, 2014.


A novella taking place after Changeling about Matt and Kevin’s respective holiday traditions colliding, Fae politics, and the best way to wrap Sam’s Christmas present. 

old-traditionsTo Matt, “making love” has always been a particularly sadistic phrase. He’s only known sex to be something that can be taken or sold. Even in Matt’s darkest years, though, Christmas was the one time he didn’t have to sell his body. Now, his new life with a man like Kevin in his bed is full of happiness and pleasure. Sex is fascinating and his body is learning how good it can feel in this shiny newfangled world.

Ever since Matt met Kevin, his life has been a Faerie story. As the Fae King, the amazing life he now has with his Fae Prince should be perfect. But Matt can’t forget that without Kevin, everything he has—from the safe place he lives to his brother’s future—could be taken away instantly. The Fae court is a world full of scheming manipulators, and Matt’s first holiday with Kevin that should be safe and warm is at risk, no matter what Kevin promises.

But the Fae world isn’t all full of princes and happy ever afters. Even Kevin has superiors who can use the Fae New Year celebrations for their own means. Matt would give anything he has to keep Kevin and his family safe, and a higher-ranking prince could take everything Matt has including Matt’s crown and all hope of future happiness.

Content notes: This work contains discussion of past child sexual abuse and coerced sex, attempted assault, sex within a relationship negotiated with consent, and a happy/hopeful ending.

Smashwords edition published Dec 17, 2021. Original publication date December 23, 2014 


rabbit2Five months have passed since Kevin saved Matt from working the streets. Matt didn’t think he could be happier having his prince, Kevin, at his side. But nothing is simple in the Fae world Kevin belongs to, and both love and deceit lay tangled webs. Life under the Hill needs a strong hearthstone to power the long lives of the Fae and the magic they use, and Matt couldn’t have guessed how corrupted and dark the source of that power has become. What once had been a beautiful ceremony between the King and those who loved him has become a terrifying ritual of being hunted down like a rabbit and drained for the good of the Kingdom.

Matt had thought his love for Kevin knew no bounds, but he doesn’t know how the hearthstone is refilled, or that in all the years the rabbit had run, there had only ever been one who had survived the night. Matt’s own father had been caught and drained. Only one rabbit had ever survived the night–Kevin himself. Love is easy when life is simple. When things go to hell, love is forged…or burned away.

Second edition published June 24, 2022. Original publication date November 14, 2017. 
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courtship Coming fall 2022


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