Read an excerpt from Lineage

Hanz was downstairs, leaning casually against the car, which, despite every traffic or parking law to the contrary, was still sitting in the loading zone after fifteen hours.

Vision came out of the building. Hanz dangled the keys from his finger, so Vision held out his hand. “I’m driving,” he said.

Hanz tossed them to him.

Vision didn’t want to talk. He wanted to drive instead. Hanz said nothing from the passenger seat, even as they turned away from the skyscrapers. He was in the warehouse district, now, and the lines beneath the asphalt vibrated. “You don’t feel that?” he asked.

“Feel what, sir?” Hanz asked.

The energy was all around them. Vision switched the car from second to third, and all the lights in the row of cross streets suddenly turned from what ever their light cycle said to green. Vision tapped it into fourth.

The engine purred. They were a quarter of the way down the street now, and still picking up speed. Vision pushed the car to the red line, the purring becoming a howl, and just at the halfway point slammed it into fifth.

“You don’t feel it at all?” Vision asked.

Hanz had braced himself against the dashboard, as though that would be enough to save them if they crashed. If they escaped any traumatic decapitation, recovering from the wreckage would still take months.

“If I said yes, would you slow down, sir?” Hanz asked.

They were three blocks away from the dead end. Two. “Only if you mean it,” Vision said. He grabbed Hanz’s hand and wrapped it around the gearshift. It was the closest thing tied to the street, to the lines, to everything.

Hanz’s eyes widened. Vision slammed on the brakes, throwing the emergency brake as well. The car spun around, going up on two wheels, and the smell of burning rubber filled the interior. The car spun around three times, in the middle of the T intersection, then slowly came to a stop.

“I felt that,” Hanz said.

Vision groped for his seat belt. Then they were outside of the car, Vision bent over the too hot hood, and Hanz tore at Vision’s slacks. Spit wasn’t enough of a lubricant, but it had to do, because there was no waiting. The engine pinged and groaned, but if it wasn’t for Hanz holding Vision back to him, Vision would have crawled across it.

He hadn’t been fucked in a year, and Hanz didn’t appear to be caring about the lack of use. His big hands held Vision at the perfect angle for both of them, and Vision splayed his hands along the hood. He didn’t even have to touch himself. He’d probably started coming the moment Hanz had thrown him across the hood, and the rough fucking just added to the layer upon layer of orgasm.

Hanz pressed his forehead against the back of Vision’s neck. “I felt that, too,” he said.

Vision straightened, eventually. “We should go,” he said. Hanz’s eyes were wide, and he shook his head and coughed. Still, he stood, blocking Vision’s way around the car and held out his hand. “Sir?”

“Yes, Hanz?” Vision asked, feeling more indulgent than he’d ever felt before.

“May… may I drive?”

Vision gave over the keys. Hanz took in a breath to use as a sigh. “Thank you, sir,” he said.

“I want you, Hanz.”

“I want you too, sir.”

“This…thing, is good. I’m good, you’re good, and we’re good together.”

“I’m pleased you think so.”

Vision held up his hand. “I’ll still need to find a lieutenant. I’m going to need someone to take over the lines and to support me, but I don’t want that to change anything between us.”

Hanz seemed to relax against the car. It was not the reaction he was expecting. “You don’t need to name this, sir. I’m yours. I always have been, even if you didn’t know it, and I always will be until you tire with me. I have no designs or plans for your lands. You don’t need to name it. It’s just us.”

“Do you mean that?”

Hanz touched his throat. “Every word, sir.”

Vision kissed him.

As Hanz walked past the side of the car, he wiped up where Vision had come into his handkerchief. You could take the boy from the carpool, Vision thought wryly. Vision slid into the passenger seat, and rested his head on its back until they arrived back at the office.

Master of the Line series

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