Masters of the Lines series

For most vampire masters like Vision, their lieutenants are the solution to, and the cause of, most of their problems. Then Vision met Hanz, who took the problem–and Vision–in hand. Hanz may be on top in the bedroom, but Vision’s talent in the vampire world puts him in a precarious position, and while his lieutenant may not be after his power, others are not so restrained.


lineage web copyLove didn’t just kick you when it were down; it staked you out and turned you into a vampire. Not that Vision was bitter. His ex-lover taught him nothing lasts forever, while his ex-master taught him to submit and the fine art of not resisting silk restraints. In exchange, Vision let both of them keep their heads. He considered it a fair trade-off.

Now Vision is a master, but still finds himself wanting to be on his knees.

Enter Hanz. He’s just a driver, but he knows what Vision wants and how to make it sting the way Vision likes most.

Vision won’t be fooled again. Sure, Hanz is sweet. The respect feels genuine, and, what’s worse, he honestly seems to love Vision. Older, wiser masters counsel Vision against Hanz. And, of course, they’re right. Hanz does have something to hide.And, as if on cue, along comes Vision’s ex-lover, the cause of and solution to being kicked, staked, and vamped. Vision is caught again, and this time not with ropes and silk. Now if he can only keep his neck and his heart intact…

Smashwords edition published: January 2, 2014. Original edition published 2007.
ISBN: 9781311177964



restitution-web-copyEver since Janus took in Lyall, the only sticky situations he found himself in involved duct tape and maple syrup. All that changes when a new elder, Lore, enters the picture. His brutal touch can absorb power and talent from anything or anyone he wants. To combat him, Janus’s master asks Janus for a small favor.

Or rather, a large favor. Suddenly all the responsibility Janus had spent his vampire life avoiding catches up to him. Afterwards, he’s left with a lieutenant who hates him, lines that are already under attack, and sex with Lyall that is…well, okay. That’s still spectacular.

As for Vision, things should have been easy. Hanz is his perfect lieutenant, yet can still put Vision in his place and use him like no one else. Then along comes his ex, Seraph, under Lore’s orders, sniffing around his Hanz. It’s not like Vision can blame Hanz for finding Seraph irresistible.

As the lines continue to bleed out, it challenges everything. Vision must also repay an old favor, which has to be paid on his knees. It may cost him everything he has, but it’s not personal until Lore snatches Lyall.

Janus and Vision haven’t seen eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but if there is one thing they can agree on it is “favor” is a four letter word.

Smashwords edition published: January 2, 2014. Original edition published 2007.
ISBN: 9781310145025



prodigals web copyKane wants Jinx. Jinx wants Kane. Nothing should be more simple, but of course, nothing ever is. Kane is bound to the vampire Larkin, despite him being human, and his compulsion forbids him from touching Jinx while all the while yearning for Larkin.

Vision wants Hanz. Hanz wants Vision, and has him quite regularly. The sex is electric, whether its on his knees, over the hood of a car, or bound to the headboard of the bed. But the leader of the elder conclave, Janus, wants Vision to keep the conclave happy and the conclave wants Vision to keep Janus in check, so Vision is on his toes even when he’s not tied there by Hanz. When Hanz’s son, Kane, appears out of no where, bringing with him his mute companion, few hundred starving vampires and one particularly nasty elder, the breaking point grows near.But there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Hanz, from accepting the silken bonds to protecting Hanz’s prickly son, despite the obvious distrust Kane has for him. The elder Larkin is wily, and his hold on Kane is strongly sexual. It will take all of them working together to break it, but it may cost the conclave its last chance at peace. Vision is willing to risk it, but is the conclave?

Smashwords edition published: January 2, 2014  Original edition published 2007.
ISBN: 9781310500732



coda web copyWhether Hanz tells Vision in exquisite detail exactly how the sex is going to happen where, when and with what or he just snaps his fingers and points to the ground, Vision gladly kneels and obeys because he can. Sex with Hanz, regardless of the leather and chains, doesn’t change who Vision is or all that he has accomplished. If there was ever a point in his life that he was happy, this would be it.

But when the dreams come, the new threat from the grinning skull of the moon demands he sacrifice his happiness with Hanz in order to keep them both safe. He must sacrifice Hanz, or Hanz’s son to a rival vampire. Vision refuses to choose, even though it means entering back into sexual slavery himself. Now the chains and collars are real, and the only thing Vision has left to lose is himself.

Smashwords edition published: January 2, 2014.  Original edition published 2008.
ISBN: 9781310871184



castoffs-e-reader-copyJanus has a pretty good life, for a vampire. In the vast, interlocking system of vampire hierarchies and allegiances, his responsibilities are more like guidelines and his master is nothing if not indulgent. Life can be brutal, but the sex is great. When he finds Lyall, a young, brash vampire who seems to know more about the workings of their world than he ought, Janus thinks it should have been a matter of see, want, get.But it’s never that easy. Asking permission leads to murder and betrayal. Janus’s pretty good life doesn’t so much dissolve as it explodes into a pile of dust.

Passion, power, betrayal, blood. He’s been a faithful lieutenant for over a century, but now Janus’s loyalty may cost him his life, and Lyall is the only one he can trust.

Cover by Wicked Smart Designs.
Smashwords edition published: January 4, 2014.  Original edition published 2007.
ISBN: 9781310550744
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masters-of-the-lines-seriesA combined edition of books 1-4:#1: Lineage – Vision fought his way from street whore to vampire elder, but can’t forget the feel of surrender in silk restraints. Hanz can give it to him again–but love wasn’t enough before, and the skeletons in Vision’s closet have fangs.#2: Restitution – An elder vampire’s life is sex, power, responsibility — and sex. Vision has always wanted it. Janus has actively run from the responsibility part. When their choice is taken away, they’ll learn how it all comes down to sex.

#3: Prodigals – Kneeling broken at his master’s feet is the very last thing Kane wants to do, and about the only thing he can do. He’s not strong enough to break the sexual compulsion, but maybe, just maybe, Vision is–if it doesn’t cost them both everything.

#4: Coda – Whether Hanz tells Vision exactly how the sex is going to happen, where, when and with what or he just snaps his fingers, Vision gladly kneels and obeys. But when Hanz’s life is threatened, Vision has no master but himself.

Smashwords edition published: December 13, 2014.  Original editions published 2007-2008.
ISBN: 9781310867347
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