Writing as Angela Fiddler

Novels and Series

The Masters of the Lines series

For most vampire masters like Vision, their lieutenants are the solution to, and the cause of, most of their problems. Then Vision met Hanz, who took the problem–and Vision–in hand. Hanz may be on top in the bedroom, but Vision’s talent in the vampire world puts him in a precarious position, and while his lieutenant may not be after his power, others are not so restrained.

Prologue: Castoffs – Janus is Master, Lyall his pet. From the moment they met, Janus knew it wouldn’t be easy taming the wild in Lyall. But when betrayal upsets their orderly world, crafty Lyall is the only one Janus can trust.

#1: Lineage – Vision fought his way from street whore to vampire elder, but can’t forget the feel of surrender in silk restraints. Hanz can give it to him again–but love wasn’t enough before, and the skeletons in Vision’s closet have fangs.

#2: Restitution – An elder vampire’s life is sex, power, responsibility — and sex. Vision has always wanted it. Janus has actively run from the responsibility part. When their choice is taken away, they’ll learn how it all comes down to sex.

#3: Prodigals – Kneeling broken at his master’s feet is the very last thing Kane wants to do, and about the only thing he can do. He’s not strong enough to break the sexual compulsion, but maybe, just maybe, Vision is–if it doesn’t cost them both everything.

#4: Coda – Whether Hanz tells Vision exactly how the sex is going to happen, where, when and with what or he just snaps his fingers, Vision gladly kneels and obeys. But when Hanz’s life is threatened, Vision has no master but himself.

Sex Demon 101 series

Cy Gets A Sex Demon
Cy Mackenzie stops apocalypses as a career, not a calling. When this job started, the Fae prince was just an office temp, and the sex demon wasn’t even on the table. Now he’s accidentally in love, his boss isn’t pleased, and failing the assignment is definitely fatal.

The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons
Cy has everything a guy could ask for—a killer job, a sex demon, a hot boyfriend—but when feeding his sex demon becomes an issue, Cy goes all out and puts everything, even his love for Patrick on the line.


Stand-Alone Books

Pulse – Chris is a cop, and a darn good one. It makes things like finding the actual guy he’d been fucking in his dreams for years who’s the former plaything of an evil television evangelist that turns people into mindless slaves a bit harder to accept, but he’s trying.


Short Stories and Novellas

“Gift of the Raven”  originally published in Blood Claim

Cory has always been mercurial; passionate one second and frozen the next, but when he was hot, he was scorching. Luke had brought him up as a vampire but couldn’t keep him the first time around. Now evil’s come on an arctic wind, and they’ll need each other to fight it. Set in the same universe as the Masters of Lines series.

“Forgotten Favour,” originally published in Studs and Spurs

A whole lot of things were looking up the afternoon Jake dropped by Mark’s ranch just outside of Calgary one hot afternoon in August. The need to go up into the hay loft and do what’s been done in hay lofts for hundreds of years had come to a head and it just seemed… right. What wasn’t right were the black riders that only he could see, waiting for his brother’s fatal accident. It’s been several years since that afternoon, and Mark is recovering from a bad fall. He’s got another chance at happiness with Jake, but it will all come down to a favor he’s forgotten he’s even owed.

“The Bright Side of Midnight,” originally published in Space Escapes

Pleasure or pain? The Dose. People are killing to get it and dying of an impossible disease to make it. Tavish has come home to the corporate mining colony of Midnight to find the cure. Will the bright side of Midnight be Tavish’s ruin or salvation

The Devil You Know
When Bastian, a high-priced pleasure slave secretly trained to kill, falls in love with Vashi, the best friend of his target’s son, he must complete his mission, but finds that the devil is in the details.