philosophy tube, complaining and Complaint!

can relate

I’ve purchased Complaint! based on Abigail’s recommendation and even the introduction is triggering. I’ve privated my blogposts out of respect for the process despite never seeing an ounce of that respect back. But after I finish Complaint! myself, I’ll have more than a few things to say about it.

I didn’t even have to face strategic inefficiency. I was told point blank that despite being a UBC Person that has paid the institution tens of thousands of dollars to be one, I didn’t have the academic freedom promised to all UBC Persons and the people invited to participate in their forum to even have my complaints heard.

UBC’s decision to silence a student impacts all three revenue sources as an academic, public, and research institution. Whether provinces and federal research organizations really do give B-B-Billions of dollars to universities so they can pay their administration a large portion of it while operating their institution with less oversight than a VHS Repair School remains to be seen.

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