Another “dear Barb” letter…

This one doesn’t think a lawyer ignoring the entire section of the chapter of their Professional Code of Conduct that deals with institutional lawyers breaks their Professional Code of Conduct. I think it does. An institutional lawyer can’t advise an institutional officer how to participate in conduct the institution has defined as improper. It’s black and white obvious unless you want to be obtuse.

The legal counsel was supposed to report his attempt to even ask to abuse his authority. It’s just expectations set out by their professional code of conduct. Why do I keep expecting those to be followed in British Columbia?

The letter advised me to contact the provincial ombudspeople if I thought their decision was in error. It’s already been added to the file. BC, what the hell, man? The government, your public university and your BC Law Society don’t think policies apply to their employees.

No wonder your Ombudspeople are run off their feet. The belief that policies are optional seems provincial. @LawSocietyofBC, shame. You are supposed to be watching the watchers, not looking the other way.

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