ABCs of UBC — authoritarian, broken, and corrupt

Of all the “reasons” UBC gave as to why they weren’t following their policies in a controlled environment, “nu-uh” was the only argument that worked. “Our lawyers don’t have to follow the Professional Code of Conduct Chapter 3 Section 2” and “Our provost can totally service his own interest over the institution’s and still use his authority to do it” were both total bunk.

“Nu-uh” only works because you can’t literally force your child to clean up their room. They can only stew in it until the room is clean or it’s time to feed them again.

I let the -gogy suffix in “pedagogy” fool me into thinking the program would involve the study of learning. Start to finish, the UBC methodology was telling learners what things are regardless if they are true, accurate or repeatable.

A student at the UBC’s duty is to swallow what they’re told whole and unquestioningly. Not a single student in the student body has had Academic Freedom since September 2021. From that date, only the people a *public* university thinks may criticize them must like them, first.

Not liking a program not having or even thinking it needs a valid pedagogical approach designed to teach the actual students who attend the program is clearly not a good enough reason to criticize anything. So Szeri, as a hypocritical VP of Academics whose office is in charge of protecting Academic freedom decides he has the right to decide how Academic FREEDOM may or may not be used.

Everyone listed in the policy designed to keep Szeri from abusing his power all agreed that if he wanted to use the authority the university gave him to take authority the institution hadn’t given him, they were okay fine with it from the first of them to the last.

It’s so broken that policies written for the exact situation were completely ignored because people’s gut biome told them it made more sense to support the Provost’s interests over the interests of their own institution. He knows he wrote “our methodology is academic freedom violation” so he had to make sure his program was never investigated for academic freedom violation.

So it wasn’t. And the UBC was so broken, they never questioned his right to not investigate himself or allow himself to be investigated.

Institutions are designed so that one person never has ultimate power. This isn’t to say school boards can never act corruptly if policies and procedures are in place, but the scope of their corruption is limited.

The UBC’s bullshit was limitless. With no check and balance on his power, not even the UBC Senate thought institutional officers’ authority should be limited by their policies. Their poor training led to officers refusing to do vital aspects of their job that they weren’t even trained to do. No one in the entire university understood that not being able to report personal, academic or institutional harassment is a terrible problem to have, not a feature of its broken system.

Even to this day, the UBC thinks they’ve done nothing wrong. If their mistaken lawyers say no one can make them listen to harassment complaints, academic freedom violations, and pedagogically-based criticism of their program, they — to this day — still think they don’t have to.

They think they have the right to advertise how rigorously craft-based program their program is while they crush the academic freedom students need to discuss craft as standing, unwritten precedence. No student will ever even accidentally be exposed to what they need to learn to accomplish their intended outcomes for their work.

Not understanding policies need to be followed, even when the institution is the party in the wrong is a training issue. Taking an adult student’s time and money from their lives and their families and giving them a “degree” that cannot serve their intended goals is corruption. It corrupts the idea of education itself.

The UBC thinks they have the right to take tens of thousands of dollars from their students who trust the UBC as a learning institution. Writers think they’re learning everything they need to in order to succeed in their goals and they’re being sold the idea that they already know it. When the UBC packages, markets, and prints the lie on a degree that says no graduate of their writing program has anything to learn about structure other than a few more nice finishing techniques, any student *is primed* to believe them.

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