week five of waiting for regulatory services

There’s such a long queue of people holding institutions to account that the Ombudspeople have the Provost’s last day on the job in the file to be done by. The BC Law Society needs another four weeks before “UBC lawyers thought it was possible to advise officers of the institution on how to commit improper conduct ‘the right way'” gets to the top of their queue.

There is no right way to commit improper conduct in a controlled environment.

That’s why it’s controlled.

It might have only taken the Provost five business hours to commit to destroying the concept of academic freedom and it might take five more weeks for someone to do something about it. For all the reasons I’ve seen on error reports, “Our institutional lawyers thought they could advise our institutional officers how to commit what our institutional policies define as ‘improper conduct’ and ‘get away with it'” wins best of the worst.

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