Academia is Hell: the Puppet Musical — Meet the PROGOAT

THE PROGOAT is played by a goat puppet and their puppeteer, who wears the goat body like a cowboy riding a horse Halloween costume. One hand controls the ineffective arms that can only move like goat forelegs to thump ineffectively at things and the other hand controls the head. The head is oversized, with very large, highly realistic goat eyes. They should be able to beam lights through them that can hypnotize their co-workers, underlings and on occasion, the audience.

A series of puppets will be required, all with the same basic functionality but for the puppets with working arms. Each puppet should be more monstrous until the arms are functionally human and the goat is quite obviously the next in line to inherit hell. When the arms are functional, the BLOOD-SUCKING LAWYER will manipulate them.

PROGOAT doesn’t want to admit they are wrong but will want to control academic freedom by the end of the work. If they can teach something they know is wrong and silence any criticism about it, they will eventually control thought itself.

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