why are you complaining so much about the UBC now?

If you’ve noticed an upswing in UBC posts over the past few weeks and are wondering why I haven’t tried to seek out remedies from the UBC before airing their dirty laundry all over my website, I had gone through two separate policies trying to get the UBC to realize that their policies were not optional.

Every single person in the Investigations Policy appeal process told me the provost can decide for himself to ignore his conflict of interest to decide for himself he doesn’t want to investigate himself. If there’s a lot of “himselves” in that past sentence, remember the concept of institutional policy exists to make sure that no officer of an institution ever makes a decision by themselves that contradicts what the policies say should happen in that exact situation.

It’s why every decision based on policy is subject to an appeal, even if that decision is made by a very high-ranking officer of the institution. If the @Ubcprovost had followed the policies, he would have had no fear of any decision based on them being appealed.

But he didn’t follow the policies, which is bad, and no one made him, which is worse. Up to three weeks ago, I believed the system would catch his power-abusing ass long before this. But Honourable Kang’s office sat on the next step of the process for four full weeks before lying to my face about it. The system is still working on the problem, but it’s being slow-walked and I’m done with waiting.

Ironically, I don’t even know how to pronounce the last names of the provost who thought he should be able to get away with this and the piece of furniture who thought if they lied about the nature of my complaint, all this would go away. But they’ve both thrown their careers away for mine.

It’s pronounced Guy-Ger, as in a Geiger Counter.

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