Solution-focused or solution-avoidant solutions

I’m talking to someone who knows they have to follow policy, so they’re using the fact that they haven’t been told they have to do X as a reason not to do X even though the policy says X. Which is just part of the problem. If this were me, if this were my team, and it came to the carpet-calling time, I would only have one question.

Even if you weren’t trained to do what you were supposed to do to help, why didn’t you? You let a massive conflict of interest waltz under your nose that you should have been trained to report because someone gave you the magic words you wanted to hear to ignore it.

No lawyer who works for an institution can tell you how to break policy without breaking their professional code of conduct. Is that illegal? No. Does that give them permission to break their code of conduct and suffer no consequences for having done so? Also no. The same can be said about any controlled policy in general.

And it’s not like a lawyer can’t tell someone how to break policy but if they manage to smuggle it out of their professional code of conduct, the advice can be followed. No one can break policy. The answer to “can I break policy” is “fill out this deviance and we’ll consider it. If it’s an absolute emergency, fill out this emergency deviance and be ready to stop at any moment if it is denied.”

And all this because academic freedom gave me the right to discuss craft in class and question my instructors about their methods. But the guy responsible for defending the institution’s academic freedom tried to take mine away so he didn’t have to tell himself that he shouldn’t have allowed the multiple violations to happen.

The provost failed to declare his conflict of interest and advised his staff to break policy. But because he can’t be arrested, he thinks it’s okay. It’s like a toddler hiding behind a twig. I can still see you, sweetie. Even with your eyes closed.

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