Why the provost is going to be in a lot of trouble

The average learner in my program could not hope to follow the method taught and accomplish their intentions for the piece. My complaint was a very complicated one but it focused on that. I foolishly thought that would be the most important concern for the Dean, but it wasn’t my only one.

I had assumed, again, foolishly, that there would be an investigation into my complaints where I could explain the “me” problem of my academic freedom being violated from the first class, in writing, in it.

But the provost, despite language saying he MUST investigate all complaints, broke the investigations policy and closed my complaint down by summing up my complaint as not liking way class was taught.

I had never complained I didn’t like the way the class was taught. I didn’t understand *how* the class was taught and it turned out that there was no teaching, but I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I would never have complained I didn’t “like” something.

But see, the provost knows he’s in serious shit because the academic violation of my complaint is 100% on him. He put in writing that the program was designed so that students would not be able to comment freely in class.

This provost fixed the problem of having to hear a complaint about the by-design academic violation in his program by putting in writing that students, legally, do not have the academic freedom necessary to make him listen to a complaint about it.

See, he had to listen to my concerns. He could have said that even with the damage being done to the majority of his students, they have every right to teach the program. He’d be right. But his program also violates the academic freedom of students. That, he couldn’t do.

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