Coral were his Bones is coming out tomorrow

My darling wife really hopes after this is over, I’ll never put the 21, 2, and 3 letters of the alphabet together in a sentence ever again. She’s been working so hard releasing Angela Fiddler’s backlist, of which we mysteriously own all the rights to. (Don’t worry about the basement renos. They’ll never find the body.) The Coral were his Bones is being released tomorrow on Smashwords and Amazon and I haven’t even mentioned it.

This is the first book that wasn’t published as a complete series. Coral and No Mortal Business were published by Loose Id back in 2014. The third book, All Things Bright and Strange, when it comes out, will be an original release.

Finn, a selkie and not-entirely-human, is caught in an inhumane situation. He’d always thought he’d give his pelt to the childhood friend and sweetheart whose family took him in as a stray, but his cruel master had ripped it from his hands more than a decade ago.

When he arrives on Devon’s boat, he’s more ghost than selkie. Devon knows if Finn leaves again, he wouldn’t survive another year. As hard as it was to convince him not to go back, freeing Finn from his contract means navigating around an ocean witch’s wrath.

And it’s the first introduction to Eddie, Devon’s dad and one of the best characters I’ve ever created. Muriel and Eddie’s relationship, and their relationship with the boys, is as important as the romance is in this story.

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