I’m not *saying* the provost hid his conflict of interest…

I’m just saying that a weird random set of policies and freedoms were violated in a way that made it impossible to even report a complaint against academic freedom that was built into my MFA program from the “pedagogical” level.

Unlike everyone else I talked to in the UBC, I, at least, entertain the idea that it could very well be possible that he realizes even now what a horrible situation he created, just by ignoring a complaint he wouldn’t even hear from the person making it.

I wouldn’t have made that mistake. I’m absolutely willing to assume that maybe he’s just that bad of an academic freedom violation investigator that he accidentally created a situation where the random outcome happened to be the absolute best one for him and his career.

I’m sure he’s probably mortified that his breaking of policies and abandoning the concept of academic freedom has led to such an outcome. He’ll probably tell you he’d be the first to be hard at work to fix his terrible random lapses of judgement that all caused a very specific and beneficial end result.

Again. For him.

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