How much did the provost’s mistake cost the university?

How many worker-hours — paid for by tuition money — were spent looking up how *exactly* the university can *deny* a student’s academic freedom?

Unfortunately, our legal counsel has the same lack of grasp of professional conduct as the provost does, so instead of saying “Ew, no. We’re denying the request and reporting you asked, they spent that tuition money looking up how to give an officer of their institution the “right” to deny a student’s right to criticize the program.

Do I know for sure that the Provost got the legal okay to downgrade academic freedom to ‘no one here has to listen to you’? No. I am just assuming based on his behaviour.

This is why policy matters. And policy matters EVEN IF YOUR BOSS TELLS YOU TO NOT TO FOLLOW IT.

Conflict of Interest means you cannot investigate yourself. Yet the Provost went a step further. He decided so as to not even create that conflict of interest, he wasn’t even going to hear the accusation.

How much, provost? How many tens of thousands of student-paid dollars went into “She can’t make us follow policy if we’re the cops, judge and jailors” defense?

And to show how little the university has thought this through, it’s now precedent that the only policy violations the uni ought to have been able to enforce on their student body are the ones that break the law and human rights. From my first unappealable decision made back in March 2020, if any student is held to a standard that an employee wasn’t, they should have every right to lodge an official complaint.

Am I absolutely sure this “random” series of events was caused by a need to keep a serious academic violation off the provost’s desk in his lame-duck semester? I’m not psychic.

But I don’t think it’s a coincidence either, and I’m only saying that for legal purposes.

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