I don’t believe in -isms either

The UBC put in writing that it was the institution’s policy to substitute their mission statement that — if taught to — could give learners the knowledge they need to succeed in their goals with a super-secret method that they can’t explain how it works.

“Pedagogism” already means the principles and manners of pedagogy but I prefer to use the Ferris Bueller definition. If pedagogy is the study of learning, pedagogism could mean the belief that learning happens…somehow. And if there was ever a summation of the UBC’s approach, that would be it.

I wrote a final letter to the governing board of BC that’s supposedly in charge of ensuring excellence in education to say hey, this institution has put in writing that not only have they chosen deliberately to attempt to teach a pedagogy that could be repeatable by the average learner. That they are ignoring their mission statement is a deliberate act.

Then they also overrode their own policies that supposedly make them self-governing entity because one person didn’t want me to actually be able to be heard when I had a legitimate, serious ethical complaint about the damage their education is doing to the learners who are paying tens of thousands of dollars to learn from them. I’d experienced compared to the actual market it’s supposed to prepare for by their own assumptions of what program should have been teaching.

Pedagogy is the *study* of learning. It must be repeatable or it’s literally pseudoscience. You’d think an institution would care that an entire field of their study has the scientific rigour of the healing powers of crystals. But welcome to 2022 where we can all ignore that the greatest non-human threat to humanity has always been disease because now the pro-disease movement makes policy.

This is the darkest timeline.

But as a personal note, as a teacher, I feel a bit elf-on-the-shelf’ed that I have been told for decades that the government could shut down our program if we didn’t follow our mission statement and policies. Apparently, nope. Not a thing. They’ve been threatening to put things on our permanent record.

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