Changeling is back in print!

If there’s a book I can point to and say, this one, this is where things all started to hit in the story where I wanted them to instead of where they randomly alighted in my prose, it would be Changeling. The story came to me in a single scene that unfolded in a bus crossing a mountain pass in the middle of a snowstorm and ended up with Kevin and Matt and Sam.

Kevin and Matt’s story really swept me up into it. Matt had so many broken pieces in him that he managed to rebuild the shape of but not the strength of its original part and Kevin could not fix him unless Matt is ready to start fixing himself.

He’s a character who needs to stop running to heal but his hounds are always right on his heels. If there’s a story I’ve written that takes a character from where they were to where they are that I can be proud of, this is it.

And I’ve got two Christmas novellas coming back out in the next few weeks, too, Black Shades and Old Traditions. Stay tuned!

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