The Law Society, IMO, failed to consider the member of the public’s charter rights entirely:

Charter rights are apparently important — even in administrative law:

The burden of proof rests with whom now?:

It seems limiting my right to procedural fairness had some hoops the LSBC failed to jump through:

Go, Judge!

I’m assuming because I had interpersonal conflict with all of my instructors and I hadn’t liked the way class was taught are a) factually untrue and b) not a fair reason.

“and other decision makers”:

What kind of a vulnerable victim of institutional harassment would even be aware of their charter right to proeedural fairness is even being infringed on?: What are the chances they even will know administrative law is separate from criminal or civil? Civil lawyers don’t understand administrative law and its remedies exist:

The Charter trumps legislation:

What about if a public sector ignores the fact they exist?

My responsibility in all of this was to “make a complaint.”

Any legal process that asks the claimant to bear this financial burden based on organizations violating their legislative act is an undue hardship:

This would have Santa’s job search began November 2021 after failing to supervise his underling in any capacity:

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