breach of statutory duty and abuse of power documentation

Policy requires institutional officers to make a particular decision as well:

There is absolutely a duty of care in an institution to its institutional Persons:

What about provinces:

In this case, it’s evident from the sidewalk incompetent officers were not aware of their own competency requirements:

This absolutely applies — I assume — :

Officers ought to have known that their institution forbade students being harassed for their unpopular opinions in class. They had the protected ability to comment and question and criticize any member of the institution or the institution itself. That the institution did not know what was already found to be a cause of an institutional error made five years ago.

They could not have directed their actions more on one person and they could not have done it for a more express purpose than “If we hide any evidence of our wrongdoing, our wrongdoing will not exist.”

Because the institution was so ignorant to its policy expectations, it had no concern stating “the student didn’t like the way class was taught” was a fair and accurate representation of my complaint. And because multiple institutions could not imagine a world where an institution would lie to their face, they believed them.

In administrative law, the knowledge of the co-conspirators is immaterial considering they have a duty to their office to have gotten the full story before acting. By failing to do so, they are all acting unlawfully by the administrative definition of the term. Which was…Without liberty to do so, if I remember correctly:

The individual actions, in this case, happened via work email:


The administrative tribunal’s decision should always include a leave to amend if I’m reading this correctly. But any appeal done in an organization that trains its Managers of Investigations to think their duties are more complicated than “reader of decisions” would end with the same result:

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