provincial insurance documentation

I tried to convince the Director of Investigations that institutional policy had no planned redundancies. The entire system has to work, or the whole system fails. It was like arguing with the individual trees that they were still part of a forest. By ignoring my complaint, the BC government destroyed one of the system’s safety nets.

So many institutions failed to maintain their safety nets that the province’s protections were lying on the ground.

Had they understood administering this language was a ministry requirement, none of this would have happened:

I tried to warn the institution:

Believing an institutional trainer could be wrong about policy compliance was an enormous risk:

Like this decision:

Telling a whistleblower to stop bothering the ministry would be the opposite of this:

Processes are an institution’s policies:

Processes not adequately utilized are window dressing:

It doesn’t:

No shit:

Without evaluation there is no learning:

This requires proper TRAINING. Nothing about policy is inherently understood, especially when the wrongdoing was done by a senior officer:

Whether their boss or a lawyer tells them to ignore it or not:

There was nothing wrong with the existing system. The errors occurred between the keyboard and the chair:


“Relevant gaps”:

It still doesn’t:

It took one legal department to domino the entire row:

heck no:

If no one understands the risk of ignoring policy and protocol, the system fails:

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