ssc — baker and jw — quotes documentation

Natural law expectation:

Not even allowed to have my documentation considered:

Reasons are required:

*impartial decision maker /= “I always believe the repondent’s correspondence”:

 statutorily imposed set of boundaries:

conferred by the legislation:

The University Act
The Ombudsperson Act
The Legal Profession Act
The Public Interest Disclosure Act
The Public Service Act
Look into: The Administrative Tribunal Act.

unreasonable exercise of the power:

No reason given (Reason, not excuse):

The Municipality was bound to exercise the powers conferred upon it fairly, in good faith and with a view to the public interest.

aggravated potential for abuse of discretionary statutory authority

In refusing to justify its decisions, the Municipality breached its duty of procedural fairness.

decision‑making process the required transparency and the appearance of procedural fairness:

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