Quick carbonara with a twist

I found a recipe the other day for sauteed cabbage and eggs. If you haven’t had sauteed cabbage before, once it goes all wilty and slightly brown most of the harsh cabbage-y taste goes away and all you get is a sweet, tender vegetable with a slight kick. It’s really good. Cut up cabbage as fine as you can (don’t use a shredder) and saute it with butter, salt and pepper. That’s really good on its own. The egg recipe on its own is then to scramble 2 eggs into 1 cup of cabbage.

But we had leftovers of the cabbage, and we wanted to make carbonara. I remembered the egg recipe and decided to make cabbage carbonara. And it was mad good. The long cut bits of cabbage disappeared completely in the already long pasta. While I was reheating the cabbage, I threw in a couple of pieces of bacon that also had been pre-cooked and by the time it was hot, it all tasted of bacon so it really amplified the bacon taste without a lot of meat.

I didn’t separate any yolks — we just scrambled up four eggs. Since Elisabeth’s pasta doesn’t have any gluten in it, it was really hard for it to turn the eggy mixture into a sauce, so I threw the eggs into the hot (though off the heat) pan with the cabbage while stirring continuously to give it a head start on going saucy.

I’ve made classic carbonara with egg yolks and parmesan cheese and while that tastes amazing, to my palate this tasted better. It’s definitely in my mental PDA to make again for a quick meal that uses up leftovers.

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