Seasonal reads with drink pairings

I keep forgetting, I’ve got two Christmas novellas out there from previous years. In keeping with all the recipe posts I’ve done lately, I’ve included festive drink suggestions for each one.

Changeling1.5Old Traditions takes place between Changeling and Rabbit in the Middle Hill series, and is about Matt and Kevin’s respective holiday traditions colliding, Fae politics, and the best way to wrap Sam’s Christmas present. (Read an excerpt) Pair with mulled wine, for something traditional that feels like it has a hint of ritual to it. There are infinite variations and I usually just wing it, but if you need a guideline, Jaimie Oliver’s recipe is a solid place to start. For a non-alcohol version, sub in cranberry juice or apple cider and don’t add the sugar.

Black Shades is part of the Past and Present Tense series. When Peter’s boyfriend’s dead drag queen lover shows up to reenact A Christmas Carol over the Christmas holiday, the life lessons will be hard, but at least the shoes are going to be absolutely fabulous. (Read an excerpt) Pair with eggnog generously spiked with rum, or a fruity spiked punch. (I feel like there’s a bad pun lurking there involving drag queens and stiletto heels, but I’ll spare you that.)

My latest fruity punch rendition:

  • One can of hard apple cider
  • 2 cups of cranberry juice
  • 2 cups/1 can of club soda
  • 2 oz of vodka
  • 2 oz of rum
  • optional – 1 oz of orgeat syrup (Almond syrup used for 1920’s cocktails, and coffee–we found our bottle at a local coffee shop.)

Mix all the non-carbonated ingredients, chill if not already cold, and add the hard cider and club soda at the end, stirring gently just enough to mix. If you want to be extra-festive, add frozen cranberries.  Deceptively potent. Sub in apple juice or non-alcoholic cider and leave out the rum and vodka, and it will also do just fine non-spiked.

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