Happy birthday to me! Free books to you!

It’s my birthday today, and to celebrate, I’ve decided to make two of my backlist books free this year. Forgotten Favor, to celebrate a new pony story coming out next month, and Lineage, the first book of the Master of the Lines series, because Vision and Hanz. Happy reading!
Forgotten Favor
A whole lot of things were looking up the afternoon Jake dropped by Mark’s ranch just outside of Calgary one hot afternoon in August several years ago. The need to go up into the hay loft and do what’s been done in hay lofts for hundreds of years had come to a head and it just seemed…right. What wasn’t right were the black riders waiting for his brother’s fatal accident…

lineage web copy

Master of the Lines Book 1: Lineage Vision fought his way from street whore to vampire elder, but can’t forget the feel of surrender in silk restraints. Hanz can give it to him again–but love wasn’t enough before, and the skeletons in Vision’s closet have fangs.

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