Giveaway for my upcoming pony story!

checking-into-sodom-smallAnd by pony story, I mean novella with gay cowboys and, wait for it, no supernatural elements! I have a cover now, and isn’t it lovely?

One year ago Trent’s life was on track. Then his horse went lame, his relationship soon followed, and his replacement horse, Dove, proved to be mean as a snake. Unable to sell a mean horse, and unwilling to send him to the knackers, Trent’s last chance is take Dove to a rehab center.

Richard has just moved to his grandfather’s ranch, after trying four other places and succeeding at none of them because he might be good at rehabilitating horses, but nobody wants him doing it unless he plays straight, and he’s damned tired of hiding he’s gay.

When Richard sees the pride sticker on Trent’s truck, it almost seems too good to be true—especially when Trent returns his interest. And in the aftermath of their encounter, it seems he was right…

Checking Into Sodom is coming out in just under a month, and Less Than Three Press has a giveaway up on Good Reads right now.

This one started out as a submission for an anthology call about random acts of kindness, but ended up taking a bit of a different path. Like a lot of my books, it’s set here in Alberta. I haven’t been to AGRA, the provincial gay rodeo in Strathmore, but I did spend many, many hours at horse shows and regular rodeos all through my teenage years. As much as I loved it–and my horse–I don’t miss the early mornings and all the hurry up and wait. (Or that one time the judge asked us to clean the horses’ penile sheaths. I can’t tell you how lucky I felt that my gelding had come up just a little lame, and I’d taken one of the mares.)

So if you’re in the mood for modern cowboys, first-time romance, and the joys and heartbreak of owning horses, give Checking Into Sodom a shot when it comes out on June 15th.

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