Free ebook of Cy Gets a Sex Demon with Purchase of The Care and Feeding

While on vacation, Cy Gets a Sex Demon and the Care and Feeding of Sex Demons got two excellent reviews. When a reviewer gets exactly what you are trying to do with a story, it’s a beautiful thing. I had a lot of fun with the original Cy. It was the last thing I wrote before my hiatus between 2009 and 2012. CFSD was one of the first things I’d written starting back again in 2012.

The story just poured out of me. The world of sex demon 101 is a world where humans aren’t trying to make sex demons illegal, they just legislate and permit-require them to death. When August is pulled over for Driving While being a Sex Demon that I absolutely love, and not just because of the social commentary. One of the complaints a reviewer made was that the sex demon should have more sex, but the point I was trying to make was even though sex demons feed on sex, they don’t need a funnel shoved down their throats and force-fed. In the first book when August is given to Cy for sex, he’s rather bitter about the whole thing. When Cy refuses, August is totally game for the act because it went from something he had to do to something he wanted to do.

I love these characters, but as much as I love Cy and August, I also love Cy and his boyfriend. Rather than it being a two characters meeting and falling in love, which is what the first story is, this story takes place five years later where two commitmentphobes have to decide whether or not they’re going to stop pretending like the relationship doesn’t tie them down to anything and have it actually mean something. The dynamics between all three characters were a pleasure to write.

The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons is one of the stories where, if you’re only going to read one story of mine, I’d want it to be that one. If you buy an electronic or paperback copy of Care and Feeding in the next couple of weeks and send me a copy of the receipt, I’ll be happy to send you a digital copy of the prequel for free.

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