Coral Were His Bones Reminiscing

Amazon is having a sale on Coral and of all the stuff I’ve done in the recent storm of writing, Coral has to be my favourite. For me characters are the entire point to the story. I know other people read for plot and setting, and I love Coral’s world and its magic, but it’s the characters I keep wishing more people loved.

I don’t write characters that are whole in the beginning of the story. I feel there are enough alpha dogs out there who can swoop in and blow up the asteroid before it blows up the world, or just France, depending on the physics. Finn’s point of view was the most interesting POV I’ve written in. He’s not entirely human, but he’s not an animal either. He gets more information from the smell of the people around him than he does visually. People can lie or train themselves to deceive but they just can’t hide the way their emotions feel.

Devon, on the other hand, deals with trying to be the perfect boyfriend for a broken individual and gets cut on the jagge edges. He didn’t ask for a lovesick pup, which was Finn to the turn, picking him as his soulmate and the antagonist was working even when Finn was just a boy to make sure that his ending wasn’t going to be a happy ever after. What Finn goes through trying to process what he’d been through for the past decade would be too much for anyone to bear, but Devon tries. He doesn’t always succeed; not being selkie he’s playing with a card deck he doesn’t always recognize all the values of the hand he’ dealt, but he does his best.

Devon’s adopted dad, though, is my favourite character. I should say he’s a trans man, but in his head he wouldn’t use the modifier. He’s a man, always has been, and has done his best since Devon was a very young man to raise Devon up to be the best man he could. I love their dynamics.

The world belongs to the Changeling universe; the characters have a crossover in the third, unpublished book, but this world stands alone. I was able to write the whole trilogy without the first book coming out so the end of the story is buried in the beginning of the tale. This world just deserves more love. I’m terrible at promotion. I’d much rather talk about the process of writing than the after effects of novel, but I’m going to have to change that.

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