Changeling Review

Changeling reels you into its web and never lets go.  Intense characters set within the back drop of a bleak life manage to survive and then thrive in Changeling, the first story in the original Middle Hill series.  Unexplained mysteries and an incredible cast make this tale feel real.  Romance is secondary to everything else going on, but it is there, the seed of something fresh and new for Matt to explore in this unique drama.  Expect the unexpected in this thrilling new series.

Matt’s story was supposed to be prostitute with the heart of gold idfic, but I was experimenting with love as a driving force of behaviour as a wind up to Drunks, Fools and Kings. Matt’s life was pretty much shit and if he’d gone with the usual coping skills he would have been far too messed up to deal with his baby brother. Changeling is a love story between Matt and Matt’s brother, Sam, as much as it is between Matt and his boyfriend, Kevin.

Of all the characters, though, Sam is the one I love the most. Yes, he’d be filed under child: precocious, but as smart as he is, he doesn’t have much wisdom. The love Matt has for his brother is the driving force to keep Matt focused on what needs to get done instead of on what happened. The fact that Kevin and Sam don’t like each other for historical reasons Matt has no control over, but Kevin starts to genuinely like Sam, and not just as Matt Jr, and Sam, distrust or not, studies Kevin as an example of the man he wants to grow up to be.

I’m so happy with this world. When I was getting tired of the fantasy, I switched to writing more Matt and Kevin and it felt just like slipping on a pair of kid gloves. Vision will always be my favourite character because he is Vision, but Matt is the current stable favourite.

Oh. I should include the link: review.

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