The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons is now in print!

In the Care and Feeding of Sex Demons, Cypher MacKenzie, apocalypse stopper, realizes that just because he treats the sex demon he’d been given as a job bonus like a friend and a business associate, the rest of the world sees them like foie gras. Just because they feed on sex doesn’t mean they can be force fed. He’s promised his Fae Prince boyfriend of five years that he’s no longer actively apocalypse stopping, but somehow he keeps getting dragged into world-ending situations. When August needs Cy’s help, it may bring on the end times but if it’s not actually an apocalypse, he should be good to go.

I’m so pleased to announce that my literary crack book, The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons is available at Amazon! If you love the world, you might want to check out the prequel, Cy Gets a Sex Demon, but The Care and Feeding should be your entry to the world.

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