Something Shiny in the Distance is in the top twenty!

Ren’s lover in Red Lettering thought he had Ren completely understood. Ren wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but for Colin, the shy main character in Red Lettering who can’t even urinate when there is someone else in the room and couldn’t talk dirty if a gun was pointed at him during sex, thought for sure he was going to be a boring old accountant like his father because he didn’t see any way out of his drab, ordinary life. He was a writer, and he narrated his life as best he could, but when a friend of a friend brought Ren over to fix his computer in the dorms, his entire life changed. Ren was that explosion of color that said what Colin wanted to say, did what Colin wanted to do, and saw the world the way Colin wanted to see it.

But Ren had to change as well. He took his job of being the life of the party very seriously. His flamboyant, bright shine he put on everything couldn’t fool himself. When he met Colin, though, his life changed as much as Colin’s had. Not giving more than a single fuck about anything couldn’t work when he had a person in his life he wanted to love and be loved by.

That he met Finn in his past was a given. He studied sea lions, Finn was a sea lion. But Finn also had the touch of immortality that all fae folk have. It’s one evening that entwined Finn and Ren’s lives, stories and bodies.

I love all my main characters, but Ren is extra special to me. I’m so happy to see that Something Shiny in the distance is currently #18 in the free paranormal erotica and #20 in the free gay erotica. Finn’s story continues in Coral were his Bones and next week in No Mortal Business and Ren’s story, such as it went, continues in Red Lettering.

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