Something Shiny in the Distance is doing really well

Amazon finally price-matched Something Shiny in the Distance and it’s moving up the list in free downloads. I pretty much knew from the moment I needed to make Ren from Red Lettering (don’t let the “Book 3” in the title scare you, it’s not a sequel, it was part of the Hallowe’en collection from MLR) be good at something, and that thing happened to be marine biology. I’d read that the Sea of Japan/the East Sea had sea lions that were hunted to extinction that Ren’s family had experience with selkies before.

Finn was a selkie. The crossover absolutely had to happen. I’m a bit afraid that people might be upset that at the start of Red Lettering, Ren has been dead for several years, but while he was alive, he lived. Colin’s perspective of who Ren was as a person isn’t a perfect reflection of who Ren was. All Finn knows is that he had never before or since met anyone quite like him.

When I started to write full time, I was afraid I was going to run out of ideas. Now, I have so many irons in the fire I can only write the one that is screaming the loudest for me. At the moment, before rewriting Rabbit for publication, that was one of my Twelve Families stories. I want to get back to my pirate sex slave, and before that I was working on a rewrite of Dome.

2015 is going to be a very exciting year. I hope people want to come along with me for the ride.

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