We’ve been lied to about French Toast all these years…also microbial hunger game pancakes

Ed. note: Sadly this is my first blog tagged “french toast of the gods”. I’ve been been blogging since 2004. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I made a big white loaf of bread last night that turned out amazing, but since I got the sourdough starter (Tara and Willy are chilling with me on the fireplace) I’ve been making sourdough starter pancakes. You *have* to throw have your baby starter out so that the remainder can eat, kind of like a mini-microbial Hunger Games and throwing it away makes me cry. You take the starter you’re going to have to kill anyway, add milk and some oil (I’ve been using coconut) and egg and as much flour as it need to be “batter like” then instead of the traditional baking powder you use yeast and leave it rise for 1-2 hours. Oh, and it needs sweeter. I’ve been using honey, but anything woul do.

So now I’m probably going to cut it up into thick slices and cook it up as french bread so that when I’m hungry in the morning I can just reheat something loaded with custard-like egg filling. We’ve been lied about what French Toast could and should be. Take extra thick slices of bread, soak it in the egg and milk mixture overnight, then fry it in a pan until it’s lovely and golden brown and then finish it in the oven @ 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes until the centre is set.

I know that the average French bread (storebought thin, stale bread just dipped in egg wash and cooked is good, but doing it in the oven (or, after it’s been fried, you could put it in your slow cooker for an hour too!) you get this wonderful slice of bread pudding, but like for breakfast. If you add a little (not a lot, just a little sugar and vanilla in the egg mixture I swear it doesn’t need any more butter or syrup. It is a holy good thing on its own.

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