Adventures in Sourdough Land: Day 2

We still don’t have any bread flour, but one of the starters is a non-sour sour sourdough that feeds exclusively off wheat. Her name is Tara, so naturally I’m changing the actual sourdough starter’s name to Willow so they can always be together.

I screwed up a couple times (in my defense, Tara’s instructions are so complicated compared to the sourdough starters that it took up a whole page. I even woke up this morning at eight to feed her because her first feeding was supposed to happen 6-8 hours after the first one. You’re supposed to pour off half the starter every time you feed her so that there are fewer mouths the feed with all the new food, but I hate throwing away starter so I threw the less than third of the cup into another bowl, added 1/3 of a cup of rye and 1/3 cup of cake and pastry flour, about the same amount of milk as the flours, an egg, a quarter teaspoon of yeast and some honey. I melted a bit a butter in the milk as I heated it up and let it sit on the counter for two hours to get bubbly after I whisked it up.

I only made six child-size silver dollar pancakes with her, but already after day one there was a yeasty developed flavour already started. I think Tara’s alive!

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