Bonus crossover freebie!

something-shiny2After I’d got assorted novellas off my plate in December, I got momentarily waylaid from my next project. At the time, I was working on a new vampire story, got sidetracked by pirates and slaves in another world, and all of a sudden, I’d written  a crossover prequel with the Past and Present Tense series and Tempest Trilogy.

A selkie and a drag queen walk into a wildlife preserve cabin… and a long forgotten debt brings two strangers together to save a life.

Ren was a marine biologist specializing in seals. Finn turns into a seal. They both live on the BC coast. It was bound to happen… Of course, there’s magic involved and it’s not just a random encounter. Stepping back into Finn’s point of view was like pulling on your favourite hoodie. I’d been working on edits for the sequel to Coral, No Mortal Business, which is coming out at the end of January, and Finn’s voice came easily. It was interesting to write the Ren that Colin didn’t see, though. He was a lot more self-aware than Colin gave him credit for.

You can download “Something Shiny In The Distance” for free from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or the Apple iBook store, but Amazon is being a pain about price matching, so it’s still showing up there as the default price of $2.99.

And now back to my current project, a story about a movie star, his supernaturally-competent personal assistant, and a runaway kid. It was supposed to be a short novella for an anthology call, but I’m already at 17,000 words and things are rapidly scaling up to novel proportions. Pirates and vampires? Both still languishing half-finished and mostly-finished, respectively. But I’m sure I’ll come back to them once I’ve got the movie star sorted out.

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