The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons is getting a print-run!

Loose Id has decided to put The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons into print! I’m absolutely thrilled they’ve chosen this book. It’s far more of an urban fantasy than a romance, so the fact that they took it on was a bit of chance for them. It was the first book that I wrote with the idea that if my characters had time to talk about their feelings they had time to run in terror, and I ran with it.

And yet still, with all the plot, it’s about being at that point in a relationship where you’ve been together too long to keep acting on your first date best behaviour but are terribly afraid that if your partner sees the real you, they’ll turn around and run screaming back under the hill, never to emerge again. (In this scenario, your lover is a fae prince)

I had gotten about five thousand words into the story when I realized that the voice was completely wrong. I was struggling with the world I had built up, but going back to the beginning just gave the story second wind and it just poured out of me. I’m so proud of this story, and I’m just thrilled it’s going to be in print.

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