Easy way to make consomme (the thermodynamically-impossible edition)

If you want crystal clear stock for whatever reason people still clarify the soup for, we found a method that did that with literally no work. We had a bag of frozen chicken stock that we made by boiling bones for eight hours. The stock was very, very gelatinous. We’re not complaining, but if you wanted to make consomme from the stock, I suggest freezing your stock in a ziplock baggie and make sure that there are tiny pinprick holes in the bag.

Our holes weren’t deliberate, but after we had defrosted it in a bowl for three days, I thought it was weird that some of the broth was still frozen. The broth that I poured from the bowl into the pot to reheat was crystal clear and beautiful. What I thought was could-not-be-still-frozen-but-still-looked-pretty-solid turned out to be all the bone gelatin. So if you don’t want your soup to have yummy boney mouth feel (Ummm, boney mouth feel) just prick your baggie with pinprick holes and wait.

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