Oh, Cy. Sometimes you’re just not the best Apocalypse stopper in the world

I’m putting chapters into The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons and I found one of my favourite paragraphs. I’ve been using frost giants to stand in for worst possible thing that could happen at any given moment when talking about writing for a reason.

“When I felt the first tremor, I didn’t think vengeful frost giant with a nail-studded club coming to brain my skull. I thought distant aftershock from an earthquake. With the second one coming within just a couple of seconds of the first, and feeling its epicenter getting closer, I should have been thinking more frost giant, less, I wonder what that noise was…I should go investigate.”

Oh, Cy. Something wonderful is happening to him (for once) that I can’t get into until it’s official, but I just love my poor Apocalypse stopper.

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