I’m officially a publisher now, Smashwords says so. Janus Heads Press is a thing!

In order to release two different names on Smashwords, I needed to become a press in order to put both my Angela Fiddler backlist and my free Barbara Geiger Ren and Finn walk into a wildlife sanctuary story. When Elisabeth asked me for a name, Janusheads immediately popped into my mind, and not just because of my Janus tattoo.

I’ve always loved Janus. When I created my very first vampire novel, Janus arrived before the plot did. The image of one head looking into the future and one into the past has always been a major theme for me. Angela Fiddler was the past me who got me where I am. Barbara Geiger is the me who I am now. I’ll send out a link when it’s ready to go.

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