Ren would approve

I’ve had this link kicking around for a while, since before Red Lettering was published: ‘I’m so flattered’: Transgender Walton student believed first in state to be elected to homecoming court

Ren, the main character Colin’s dead boyfriend, was a drag queen rather than transgender, but as the write-in vote for both prom king AND queen at his high school, he would definitely approve that someone else didn’t have to be a write-in.

Homecoming’s an American thing. Over twelve years ago, Elisabeth and I were in Disneyland and they were celebrating “homecoming.” We’ve heard the term, know there’s a king and queen and all that and that there’s football and it happens in the fall, but we didn’t know what it was. We knew about all the trappings, the parade, coming back home, everything they showed in television and movies, but we just didn’t know why all the seniors from last year were coming back then. Like, who picked that day?

And no one could tell us. “It’s homecoming,” they kept saying. But we kept saying but what is that? They couldn’t tell us.

Elisabeth found out the other day that it’s the first game the football team plays at home. That makes so much sense.

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