Christmas shopping deals, the shameless self-promotion edition!


I have two Christmas novellas coming out later this month and a new book in January, so you know what time it is? That’s right, shameless self-promotion time!

Are hot, kinky gay vampires on your Christmas shopping list? If so, you’re covered, with books one to four of Master of the Lines, now out as a four-book compiled edition. Pick it up at Smashwords right now, if you’re so inclined, or Amazon, and other online retailers over the next week.

But wait! I’m not done being shameless yet! I’m having a prologue sale, and have Smashwords coupons for 50% off the prologue to Master of the Lines, Castoffs (use code SH22L), and the prologue to The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons, Cy Gets a Sex Demon (use code AF35B), valid from now until the end of December. If you’re keeping track, that means you can get the entire Master of the Lines series right now, including Castoffs, for $12.00.

Okay. I’m done being shameless for now. At least about promoting my own books. Next on the agenda for today: deciding if it’s worth going out into the wet, snowy, grey day to pick up some more eggnog. And rum. Wish me luck.

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