Christmas novella cover love!

Changeling1.5Old Traditions, my Middlehill Christmas novella, has a cover, and is up on Loose Id’s website! It takes place after Changeling, and is about Matt and Kevin’s respective holiday traditions colliding, Fae politics, and the best way to wrap Sam’s Christmas present.

Look! Shiny! I love the detail in the background, and how perfectly it fits the mood of the story. Loose Id’s cover are always very polished, and the artists I’ve worked with have been great with details–in Coral, my main character was wearing a locket around his neck, which was visually fine, but him not having the locket is a major plot point in the story. The final draft has the locket dangling off the title instead. All I’m going to say plot-wise about this one is, that knife in the snow? Not there just for the pretty.

Old Traditions started out being called Some Assembly Required, with a working subtitle of: Matt really likes boots (but only when Kevin is wearing them).

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